these two.

When I was pregnant with our sweet little A I had so many fears about how her big brother would transition into his new role.

He would no longer be the only little one in our growing family. He wouldn’t  have all our attention anymore. He would have to share. He wouldn’t be the baby anymore.

But that’s not true. He will always be my baby. He is the one who made me a mama. He is definitely a little me.

I never understood the bond of a brother and sister. I  come from a family of all women.

I worried that when little A came along my sweet boy would have trouble adjusting.  I feared he would feel forgotten or replaced.   I mourned for the time we had with just him that he will never remember.

But look at these two.

I hope this is what their relationship looks like forever. He calls her baby. He doesn’t like to share, but for her he does. He says “it’s okay” and rubs her head when she’s upset. He protects her when bigger kids are too rough with her or take her toys.  He kisses her often. He tries to care for her and show her love the same way we do.

Every morning when he wakes up he looks for her. When he finds her and she sees him, she smiles the most true smile.  Then he says “hey girrrrl!”

They are so happy to be together and I am so happy to be their mama. These two will be real partners in crime. I’m in trouble.