Dear Sweet Babies

Note: I started this post not too long after we celebrated the kids’ birthdays in May and not too surprisingly forgot to finish it.

My sweet little RAYS of SUNSHINE, Happy Birthday…a week late, but I wouldn’t be your mother if I wasn’t a little tardy.





Dear Elijah, it’s been 4 years since you came into our world and made me a mama. I hardly remember life without you in it.

Dear Addison, I never truly knew what it meant when people said 2 going on 20, until I met you.   Please slow down.

Dear Elijah, I see myself in you…the good and the slightly concerning.

Dear Addison,  your love for puppies, cuddles, food, and anything your BIG brother is doing  makes me adore you more than I already do.

Dear Elijah,  I was always skeptical of the big brother protector stereotype, but I’ve seen it first hand.

Dear Addison,  I do not understand your early addiction to shoes.

Dear Elijah, parmesan cheese is not the same thing as sprinkles.

Dear Addison, I’m pretty sure if you keep working daddy, you’ll have a dog by the time you’re 5.

Dear Elijah, in my world lemons from our tree are not used for playing ball, but I know they are in yours.

Dear Addison, if you put your hand in mine and show me what you want, chances are good you’ll get whatever it is.

Dear Elijah, my heart can hardly handle when you tell me “Mommy, I missed you”, even if I’ve only left the room for a minute.

Dear Addison, you’re the best dancer I know.

It’s been a sweet ride watching you both grow these past few years.